Charlotte Riots: Initial Reaction

I wanted to share some initial reactions to the Charlotte riots today. These thoughts aren’t fleshed out completely, but I wanted to get them written down.

I’ve been watching coverage of the Charlotte riots on TV tonight, and my initial gut reaction is one of sadness that these race riots still go on in the United States. I especially feel a sense of sadness for the African-American protestors, because they feel they have nowhere else to turn but the streets.

However, the reason I’m sad for those protestors is because the black community has been left so far behind and taken so much for granted by the Democratic Party, despite the fact that the black community has voted overwhelmingly Democratic since the Johnson administration.

African-Americans in the United States tend to be poorer and less educated than the national average (and have become even more so during the Obama administration). That can be directly traced to failed Democratic policies. For the life of me, I don’t understand how a Democratic politician can go into the black community and argue against charter schools, which are an educational lifeline for the black community. I don’t understand how Democratic politicians can ignore the plight of the black community in Chicago, which is currently a war zone, while focusing on situations where an African-American police officer killed African-American males in Milwaukee and Charlotte. I don’t understand how local Democratic politicians can encourage protesting in places like Baltimore, when the protests result in the destruction of black-owned businesses and property. There’s no excuse for the fact that the two most segregated cities in the country are Chicago and Milwaukee, which have been under Democratic control since the early 1900s.

The black community deserves better from the Democratic Party, and Hillary Clinton and her campaign are hoping they don’t decide to give Donald Trump a shot. Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama by 4 points in 2008, despite winning less than 5% of the black vote. If Trump is able to win 15-20%, his current polling level, he will win the election.

Photo : Sean Rayford/Getty Images

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